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Bones Legacy is the result of the meeting of two "old school" choppers lovers. But not just any choppers, the "period correct ones", the ones from the past or the ones built as they would have been built at that time. On one side, on the East Coast, it started with a collection of bikes from the 60's/70's or period correct built. On another side, on the West Coast, the builder of some of those bikes was surprised to find out that 3 of the bikes he sold, all ended up in the same place. The first one wanted to find out more about those bikes and contacted the second one. A lot of mails later, they finally met. The idea of building this project grew in them for a year and there it is today. To find old bikes, to restore them, to preserve them and one day, to show them, here's the aim of BONES LEGACY.


Paul Ponkow


"It all started as a kid growing up in the 70's in Wisconsin. Everybody had Schwinn Stingrays. When I got mine I asked my father to cut the fork and add another one to it, so I could have a chopped bicycle. As a kid I rode my bicycle endless, as a teenager I started to road race bicycles and trained. Instead of buying a car, I bought an expensive bicycle. My first ride on a motorcycle was a 1966 BSA from my cousin.

Fast forward moving to Vegas after school. My brother a Harley guy talked me into buying a chopped BSA with a HD Springer 70's style. I bought it and he rode it home. This was the time when choppers were not fashionable and everybody wanted to erase that time by snubbing you. I learned that quick by getting pulled over by the man all the time. I started learning and customizing the bike but never putting into a show. All the British shops were closing or either the old timers were passing away so i had to learn myself. My brother passed away and for some reason I got this wierd inspiration to go crazy and start entering in bike shows and then start buying more bikes. I started restoring and working on choppers. I always felt my brother was looking on and watching."





"When I entered my first show, I met Bones for the first time and we hit it off, I was not even near his level. Bones was around during the 60's and it showed, not just in his bikes, but his personality and lifestyle. As time went on, he became my best friend and mentor. Bones was a true master builder and never got the recognition that he deserved. We still built bikes in the garage, rode and competed. Then, Bones passed away.

During the second wave of the chopper boom, entering in shows went to the next level and credentials became higher. This is when I decided to start Bones Legacy in honor of Bones and to keep his Legacy alive. Every bike I build has something I learned from Bones into it and keeping the Old School spirit alive and not following the latest trends."

Paul Ponkow


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